Suffering from an Oily Skin? Here Are the Best Skin Care products for You!

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We can’t deny the fact that having oily skin is frustrating. First of all, it is crucial to know which lifestyle circumstances that drastically worsen your skin. Dr. Debra Jaliman, an expert and certified dermatologist, highlights that climate, hormones, and stress are all factors that contribute to and cause the excess oil off your skin.

In this article, we will delve into the factors that cause your skin to be oily, and we will help you find the best product to solve that issue.

What Causes an Oily Skin?


Climate plays a significant role and impacts your skin in a very substantial way. According to Dr. Jaliman, hot weather along with tropical and humid conditions are very bad for the skin as they lead to a hyper-growth of bacteria on the surface.

We can’t control the climate, but there are necessary measures that will help you fight the impacts of it. Dr. Jaliman recommends staying away from some ingredients like wheat germ oil, coconut oil, and many other comedogenic ones.

You are looking for a great product that matches with your oily skin? Dr. Jaliman advises you to try jojoba oil, which is more friendly for acne-pore and oily skin. Plus, you can control the skin production of sebum by purchasing products enriched with geranium essential oil.


Hormone fluctuations have a significant effect on the level of androgen. When it is increased, especially during the menstrual cycle, it can lead to a stimulation of the oil production from oil glands. You may consider consulting a doctor when you are going through hormone fluctuations. A healthcare provider can help you get back on the track by creating an appropriate plan.

Added to that, choose your skin care products wisely and keep yourself away from ingredients that will harm your skin. Dr. Jaliman advises you to search for products enriched with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and aloe. It is highly recommended to refrain oil-based products, as they are comedogenic, which means that they can block pores and worsen your skin.


Stress, even the word is terrifying. It is, with no doubt, the greatest enemy to your body, especially to your skin. Stressful factors are everywhere around us, that’s why stress consumes us, and we can’t just get rid of it.

Maybe you are aware of the damages of the pressure on the female body. Stress is a cruel villain that triggers every part of the body and has a considerable effect on our skin. The damage to your skin comes from the impact of the stress on your hormones. That is how the skin worsens and gets more oily. Dr. Jaliman says that stress affects the hormones directly and leads to an excess of oil production.

There are plenty of products that will help you get rid of the oil on your skin, but these products won’t be able to cure the root and principal cause, which is the stress. 

Since you are aware of your stress and how it is affecting your life, you need to take a closer look and search for the causes of your stressful life. It doesn’t make sense to tell you to stop stressing, but try to keep yourself away from stressful situations.

Some important, yet straightforward, habits to reduce stress include yoga, meditation, taking a hot and relaxing bath, and reading your favorite book while keeping your phone off. Keep in mind that the more you reduce the amount of stress in your life, the more it will help you cure your skin.

Best 8 Products to Treat Oily Skin

After knowing the leading causes of the excess of oil in your skin, it is time to know which products work best with your type of skin surface and can help you get less oily and brighter skin.  We present to you the finest products on the market that will completely change and cure your oily skin:

1.EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Having a sunscreen is crucial for protection, especially for ladies with oily skin. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 is the greatest skincare and sunscreen that will protect your skin, even in extreme conditions. It is destined for acne-prone skin as it is non-comedogenic and oil-free. Plus, it is rich in lactic acid, which helps with better penetration of the product and have more excellent results.

2.GlamGlow YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment          

If you are suffering from excess oil on your face and it seems out of control, you will undoubtedly need the magical effects of GlamGlow’s YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment. It is rich in green tea—which is very popular for treating oily skin, the clay of the French sea, and volcanic rock. This combination can help you deep-clean your face and eliminate oil accumulation on the surface. Get ready for a fresher, cleaner and more refined look.

3.Peter Thomas Roth Max anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

Glowing and shiny skin seem like the same type of skin surface, yet they are very different. Peter Thomas Roth Max anti-Shine Mattifying Gel will help you get the best out of your skin. This gel treatment will minimize the pores on your skin, absorb the oil and help you with your makeup to get a fresher look.

4.Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Oil Control Lotion

Before purchasing any skincare product, make sure to read its label, even the name of the product will guide you to choose the best product for your type of skin. That is the case with Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Oil Control Lotion. It is enriched with salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that will gently peel your skin, promote a brighter complexion and reduce the presence of big pores.

5.Avène Oil-Free Gel Cleanser

For those who suffer from a normal sebum excretion, Avène Oil-Free Gel Cleanser is the way to go. You will be amazed how smooth and soft your skin will be after every time you apply this get cleanser. Added to that, it contains Avene Thermal Spring Water, a magical formula to mollify the skin. 

6.SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture 

Are you looking for a boost of hydration to your skin? SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture, with its enriched formula of vitamin E, witch hazel and a mixture of algae extracts, will provide you with softer and more hydrated skin. This daily moisture works both as a cure and protection, especially against the daily natural aggressors. Its unique formula will balance the production of the oil and refine the pores.

7.First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay

Are you tired of applying face masks for long hours without getting any good results? With this peel-off mask, your research for a “once and for all” cure for your oily skin has come to an end.

First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay is highly enriched with vitamin C, probiotics, licorice root and red clay full of minerals. This product will help you get rid of imperfection and impurities of your skin.

Applying this wonderful face mask guarantees a deep clean of your skin and target harsh aggressors to get a brighter and shinier face.

8.FOREO LUNA for Combination Skin

Washing the skin on a regular base is an important habit that will not only keep your skin clean and shiny but also will prevent you from catching blackheads and excess oil. Your hands only won’t be enough to get amazing results, and that is why you need a miracle product to reach that perfect skin: The FOREO LUNA for Combination Skin.

This product won’t let you down and will take care of your skin. It is made to cure both oily and dry areas of the skin. The brush is made of silicone and uses the advanced T-sonic technology that will softly massage every area of your skin, dispose of pore blocking debris and dirt and peel the complexion in one gentle and simple step. Don’t forget to pair this magical product with your main face wash for a fascinating appearance.


Taking care of your skin is an essential habit if you’re one to enjoy having a fresh look every morning. While an oily skin may seem frustrating, it doesn’t represent the end of the world as you can solve that issue by taking care of your bad habits and using the right products, both of which are covered above.

Do you have oily skin? How do you go about solving that issue? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!